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Our philosophy is very simple: we search for young gay boys and we fuck them HARD. Just like Luke, here. He was a total virgin. On and off the camera. He had always had a desire for gay sex with gay boys. He asked if we could hook him up with an experienced man.

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Our horny youngsters are all just a little bit over eighteen years of age (so called barely legal boys). They are young and eager to be pleased by older men or older guys. They don't know that the old dudes just see them as pieces of meat. Virgin assholes that need to be broken in. But hey, it makes for a good gay boys fuck movie!

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Looking for amateur boy? Unique, real home-made materials: filmed with regular camera by a friend on ours. Real, amateur, nice and horny. The rule is still the same: we film and fuck barely legal boys! A huge bonus collection (actually the same size as the site itself), updated daily.

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Jeremy turned 18 just before the summer started and went out camping with parents. That's where he met Mike, a 36 y.o. fireman from LA. His personal favorites are youngsters like Jeremy. Mike was very polite, teaching Jeremy a few tricks how grown-ups like sex.

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That DAY IN SAUNA the boys will never forget. Can you imagine three hot and young nude boys, living in military school, far away from homes and girlfriends? Inexperienced, but hot as hell, drilling each others ass.. 

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"You will have to WORK HARD to complete your summer classes, you little bitch!! I will be fucking!.. Oooohhhhh, yes!! Your little virgin ass every fucking day! And don't forget that you need to respect older men, so SWALLOW WHEN I CUM!"

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MIKE'S 18th BIRTHDAY WAS A NEW TURN. He's collage friend, a well known playboy, Eric, came down for a special gift, as he said. Mike didn't expected what he got. But he liked it too much to stop. He even decided to pay back with a favor his college friend couldn't refuse!

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Kyle didn't expect that being a pilot might be THAT COOL. From the very first day in the flight school one of his classmates was very nice to him. The other day they were left alone in the hangar and look what happened! These extra classes ended up with a massive load on Kyle's new best friend.

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TRAVELING CAN BE A MORE FUN, if you have friends waiting for you. Moreover, you can have a place to stay, a personal guide and a HARD DICK IN YOUR ASS every day. But you will go for it, if you're just 18 and you have more lust than money. Watch the story of Marcus and his first gay tourism story.

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FRIENDS FROM THE CHILDHOOD - that's who they were. All the time together, school, sports, every single day together. "I want to give you something you won't be able to resist... Mary from next door did this to me yesterday, and I want to do the same with you, right here and now" - that how the story started..

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HOT PARTY SEX, without any limits. Antonio, a barely legal boy from Argentina, was fucking his older friend's mouth, thinking of all the cum he already dropped while drilling his ass in every known position. He didn't remember what the party was about, but he will for sure remember the dick, that penetrated his virgin ass.

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FIRST TIME ANAL SEX might be a problem if you both do it for a first time, but not a problem when you're as horny as gay boys can be. But right after he managed to stick his dick in the ass the boy started to scream, moan and shake his ass... Everything else didn't exist - he was fucking that tight ass for the next 20 minutes without stopping once and came twice...

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COLLEGE BULLING MIGHT BE.. SWEET! Cody was a real bitch - he knew that about himself, but this time he did the very best... He did know, that should not report his older friends to the campus administration for going out.. So that they won't be allowed to go out next week.. but he didn't know that they will come and ask him to enjoy a massively wild boys orgy!

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